Can we vary arrival or departure dates ?

Yes, as long as you are there for the official start of the tour [Toronto] and stay with the group until the end [New York]. So yes, you can easily go earlier and leave later.

Can we book additional games, events and attractions ?

Yes, you may book other games or attractions around our games, events and locations of the tour. AIHT will provide a list of optional attractions and events to register your interest.

How much free time will we have ?

At this stage there will be at least four free days and four free nights during the itinerary. Lunch and Dinner will also be mostly at the 'choice' of travelers, however some meals may be pre-organized or recommended.

What will we need to bring to wear ?

Hockey Games are blue collar in Canada and casual clothes are encouraged. We like our travelers to wear Australian & AIHL Jerseys and Merchandise to as many games as possible.  Remember this is the coldest period [down to -15C] of the Canadian Winter so rug up with good jackets, heavy duty hoodies and waterproof boots etc. If you own skates, then bring them too.

Can we do the ground portion of the ONLY ?

Yes, if you wish to get your own return tickets to & from Australia, or incorporate into other travel and flights, you can join in Toronto on 28/12/2019 and exit from New York on or abouts  07/01/2020 ~ this is referred to as the Land Tour ONLY, see pricing.

What is NOT Included in the packages ?

You will need to allow some extra money for Travel Insurance, lunch and dinner most days, merchandise, shopping, pharmacy, private bookings to additional games, events and attractions etc.